Getting Started With Magikcraft
Welcome to Magikcraft
Getting Started Video

Getting Started Video

Here's a video that shows how to get started with Magikcraft.

Getting Started with Magikcraft

Getting Started with Magikcraft (video)

School of Magik Slack

School of Magik Slack

Sometimes you need help, or just to share ideas. The School of Magik is a place for that.

The School of Magik is a Slack team. Slack is a messaging app for teams and communities. In the School of Magik you can chat with the developers of Magikcraft and with other students.

To get an invitation to the School of Magik Slack team:

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Enter your email address on the page.
  3. Check your inbox for the invitation.

To enter the School of Magik Slack, once you have your invitation:

  1. Open in your browser.
Logging on to Magikcraft

Log on to Magikcraft

  1. You need a Minecraft account - you can get that from
  2. Download the Magikcraft client -
  3. Once downloaded and installed, open the application.
  4. In the new window, click the 'Magikcraft Pack' on the left hand side
  5. Click 'Launch' in the bottom right side.
  6. Enter you Minecraft login details, and log in.
  7. The pack will now download - as it contains a fair few files so it might take a while.
  8. When it's finished the Magikcraft launcher appears.
  9. Click the 'Join Magikcraft' button, and click

You will appear in the opening area.

How to play Magikcraft

How to Play Magikcraft

Magikcraft is about exploration and discovery. If you "don't know what to do" at times, don't worry. Keep moving through the environment looking for opportunities and clues.

Don't let "not knowing what to do" stop you. Everything is discoverable.

And developing your ability to discover is the most powerful ability you'll have in software development, and in life.

Trying Stuff.jpg

If you find yourself stuck, stop and make a plan. Write down what you've already tried. When you do that, you'll often see something that you missed.

Above all else - don't give up! It's about discovering something.

Some things that will help

Some things that may help

Console commands

In Minecraft, access the console by pressing the '/' (forward-slash) key.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.40.42 pm.png

In the console you can type commands. Anything with a forward-slash in front of it is a command.

Sometimes you'll find clues in Magikcraft that start with a forward-slash. Type them in to see what they do.


Press the 'T' key to access the chat console. When you type into the console with no forward-slash, your text is broadcast to other users on the server.

You can use this to ask for help from others.

Clicking Links

You can also use the chat console to click on any links. Sometimes a command produces a link for you to click on. To click on it, hit the 'T' key, then click on the link.

Going through the Tutorial Level

Going through the Tutorial Level

Wander around and get a feel for the controls of Minecraft.

The tutorial level has the story of Magikcraft embedded in it. You will be introduced to the world of Magikcraft, and the adventure that you will be on.

Eventually you will discover a challenge in the world. When you find yourself stuck, hunt around for a magik word!

Writing Your First Spell 

Writing Your First Spell

When you find a magik word in Minecraft, you can type it as a Minecraft command to add it to your spellbook.

To issue a Minecraft command, press the '/' key on your keyboard, then type the magik word. Press Enter, and you get a link to the spellbook.

If your spellbook is already open in your web browser, you don't need to click on this link - you can just use the keyboard short cut Alt-Tab (on Windows) or Command-Tab (on Mac) to switch to your already open spellbook.

To use the link to the spellbook, press 'T', then click on the link with your mouse. This opens the spellbook in your web browser.

If Minecraft is full-screen, switch out of full-screen to see your browser.

Note that the spellbook works best in Google Chrome. At the moment this is the only officially supported browser. We develop on, test, and use Google Chrome.

You can also do a tour of the spellbook with Garry Pottr. Click on the "Help & Tours" button in the spellbook:

Help & Tours.png

To have Garry Pottr walk you through creating a spell, select the "Feedme Spell" tour:

Here's an explanation of that spell.

  1. The first thing you need is magik. You get that from Type the following into the spellbook:
const magik =;
  1. Now you will create a function. A function is a magik spell that allows you to do things using special words. We are going to create a feedme spell - this is the name of the function, and the name you use to cast the spell in Minecraft:
function feedme(){


The parens () and the curly braces {} are important parts of spells in JavaScript. If they are not done right, then the spell will fail! So take care.

  1. Now we will put the magik word magik.satio into our new spell:
function feedme(){

You've got parens () again, and a semi-colon ;
The semi-colon goes at the end of a line in a spell, just like a full-stop goes at the end of a sentence.

  1. Press the Save button to save your spell. You will see:
Go to Minecraft and type /cast feedme


You just wrote your first spell. Now you can go to Minecraft and cast it.

Cast Your Spell in Minecraft

Cast Your Spell in Minecraft

  1. Go to Minecraft.
  2. Type: /cast feedme

/cast is the command to cast spells in Magikcraft.
feedme is the name of the spell that you are casting.

  1. Press Enter.


You now have a full health bar.

Not working?

  1. Go back and double-check the spell code.
  2. Type /spells in Minecraft and check to see that you have the 'feedme' spell. If you don't see it, type /spellbook and click on the link that it shows.
  3. Still not working? Go to the School of Magik Slack and ask for help there!
The Spellbook

The Spellbook

The Spellbook is at

You can write your spells here, and also test them.

Each page of the spellbook can hold only one spell. Don't try to put more than one spell on a page!

You can create a new spell by deleting the spell that is in there already. Don't worry, it won't delete your spell from Minecraft if you saved it!

What Next?

What Next?

Now that you've created a spell and cast it in Minecraft, you can take a look at the Magikcraft API Documentation.

You can also search Youtube and GitHub for Magikcraft content.

When you are ready to go further, you can graduate to using the direct Bukkit API - the reference documentation is available at

Here's an idea of what's possible in Magikcraft. These are Magikcraft spells written by Brisbane software developer Tim Smith - aka "Abznak the Archmage".


What is the Magikcraft Open Source Platform?

The Magikcraft Open Source Platform

The Magikcraft Open Source Platform is a platform for coding JavaScript in Minecraft. It integrates GitHub, in-browser editing of code, and immediate deployment to hosted Minecraft servers to deliver the world's most advanced JavaScript in Minecraft experience.

Magikcraft Open Source Platform Servers

The following Magikcraft servers are part of the Magikcraft Open Source Platform:

Argentina -
Australia -
Denmark -
England -
India -
Ireland -
Japan -
Norway -

Connect to them with a 1.11.2 Minecraft client.

The key difference between these servers and the server at is that API Creative Mode is enabled on these servers. This means that your code can access the fundamental objects in the Bukkit API using magik.getSender() and magik.getPlugin().

The Magikcraft Spellbook

The Magikcraft Spellbook is a micro-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs in your web browser. It is accessible at You use it to write spells (programs) to run on a Magikcraft server. You can also use it to write reusable APIs that other people can use.

The Magikcraft API

The Magikcraft API is a high-level semantic API that is useful for both teaching and learning JavaScript and Minecraft programming.

The TypeScript definition files for the Magikcraft API are available from:

You can also use the Magikcraft Spellbook and GitHub to develop your own APIs, and your own School of Magik.


GitHub is the world's social coding platform. It allows you to share and discover code, building on the innovation of others.

You can get a free GitHub account at

Magikcraft for CoderDojo

Magikcraft for CoderDojo

Magikcraft is freely available for CoderDojos around the world to use.

Ping @sitapati in the Magikcraft Slack if you want to get a hosted Magikcraft server for your Dojo.